Kalle Shirtdress Sleeve Expansion // Closet Case Patterns
Kalle Shirtdress Sleeve Expansion // Closet Case Patterns
Kalle Shirtdress Sleeve Expansion // Closet Case Patterns
Kalle Shirtdress Sleeve Expansion // Closet Case Patterns
Kalle Shirtdress Sleeve Expansion // Closet Case Patterns
Kalle Shirtdress Sleeve Expansion // Closet Case Patterns
Kalle Shirtdress Sleeve Expansion // Closet Case Patterns
$7.00 USD

    Turn your Kalle Shirt or Shirtdress into a cozy, cold weather wardrobe staple!

    This pattern expansion includes a drop sleeve with a chic folded cuff and classic tower placket and can be sewn directly to the existing Kalle Shirtdress bodice. Please note you must also have the Kalle Shirtdress pattern to use this expansion.

    The Kalle Sleeve Expansion is available as an instant gratification PDF with copyshop and print at home files. See our guide to printing & assembling PDF files here.




    Make a fluid, drapey Kalle with soft fabrics like tencel, linen, rayon challis and silk crepe de chine. Crisper fabrics like poplin, chambray, voile, flannel and traditional shirtings will create a more structured silhouette.


    View A
    0-8 = 2.5yd/2.3m, 10-14 = 2.75yd/2.5m, 16-20 = 3yd/2.75m

    View B
    0-8 = 2.5yd/2.3m, 10-14 = 2.75yd/2.3m,  16-20 = 3.5yd/3.2m

    View C
    0-8 = 3.5yd/3.2m, 10-20 = 3.75yd/3.5m


    View A
    0-8 = 1.75yd/1.6m, 10-14 = 2yd/1.85m, 16-20 =  2.5yd/2.3m

    View B
    0-8 = 2yd/1.85m, 10-14 = 2.25yd/2m, 16-20 = 2.5yd/2.3m

    View C
    0-20 = 2.5yd/2.3m


    • Lightweight fusible interfacing
    • 1/2" shirt buttons (crop top = 5, tunic = 8, dress = 9, popover placket = 4)
    • Polyester thread



    Sewing level: Intermediate

    Sizes: 0 - 20 (see our sizing chart here)

    Finished measurements: See complete final measurements here

    Instructions: English (PDF only)

    Print at Home File (Letter & A4): 13 pages, sizes are not layered.

    Copy Shop (36"x28" / A0): 1 page, sizes are not layered.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Easy to wear and fun to make

I've made it twice, and I'm in love with this pattern.

My skill level: somewhat confident beginner. I have made exactly two other shirt patterns (the Cielo too and a Vogue long sleeved blouse). So I knew I *could* manage a shirt but I don't have a wealth of experience at them. This was my first stand collar.

The instructions for the Kalle are easy to follow. There is nothing suuuper tricky. The collar is probably the hardest part but it's really not bad. Bonus: no sleeves to set in!

Finally, it's a good looking shirt. It fits my style really well. I feel just as comfortable wearing it for the weekend as for work.

Kalle Shirt

This pattern is versatile and has easy to follow instructions. The collar was much easier than I was expecting (having never made a collar before). I adjusted the pattern by lengthening the crop top by 2 inches front and back so that it would fall at my high hip. Great pattern. Fit well across my 48 inch bust as a size 20.

Birthday Gift!

I purchased this pattern as a gift for my cousin’s birthday! She was thrilled! It arrived quickly and without issues. This purchase motivated me to sign up to the Learn to Sew class and to make garments of my own. It was awesome! I am 1 Cielo top muslin in and am currently cutting my linen to make 2 shirts. Thank you so much for putting the course together. Very excited to continue learning with more Closet Case Patterns in the future. Wishing motivation and success to te CCP team.



Fitting Issues

As much as I love your patterns my lastest buy...Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress, has been a bit more of a challange for me. I finally discovered my issue and have adjusted my pattern for 'sway back'.
The problem I encountered was a lack of information on how to adjust this problem on the pattern. Online I found many sewing blogs for 'fullbust adjustment' associated with the Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress, eventually through Pinterest I found two articles relating to my fitting problem, my own sources of references were inadequate.
Perhaps in the future more info could be added to the pattern instructions. I would find that helpful.
Btw, I am a tall woman with booty, this pattern shown on the models are women with a fairly flat butts.

Kalle shirt/shirt dress

Versatile pattern which can be made in different fabrics and be casual or more dressy. Quite easy to make and to add essential pockets to, for the shirt dress. I will be making more! Thank you CCP!

Kalle Shirtdress

Very cute! Makes a good top for over leggings. I made mine in cotton voile and it's very light and flow-y.