Sewing Your Own Jeans Chapter List // Closet Case Files
Sourcing Denim // Closet Case Files
Denim History // Closet Case Files
Distressing Denim // Closet Case Files
Fitting Jeans & pants crotch adjustments // Closet Case Files
Cutters Must for Jeans makers // Closet Case Files
How to make Flared Jeans // Closet Case Files
How to install a fly front zipper // Closet Case Files
How to sew a fly fornt zipper // Closet Case Files
How to install a jeans button // Closet Case Files

    Making your own jeans is a satisfying and rewarding project. Anyone with a sewing machine can make a pair of beautifully fitting custom made jeans; this ebook shows you how.

    Sewing Your Jeans is a comprehensive guide to DIY jeans construction, featuring 13 lessons with extremely thorough instructions, helpful hyperlinks and step by step photos that break down the jeans making process into digestible portions in over 90 beautiful pages. Go at your own pace and learn new skills and confidence as your jeans take shape. Based on the sewalong that accompanied the Ginger Jeans pattern, this PDF book is a portable, easy to read and complete jeans-making course, with even more pictures and tips, and a greatly expanded fitting chapter that uses real world case studies to help you master the perfect fit.

    This ebook is a great accompaniment to any jeans pattern as you are taken through construction from sourcing denim to installing rivets and buttons yourself. As added incentive, bonus chapters have been added which walk you through modifying an existing pattern to make flared jeans, as well as adding ankle zippers to skinnies. We've also included a printable Cutting List to help you organize your jeans-making projects.

    Are you more of a visual learner? You may prefer our new workshop!


    1. Sourcing denim & supplies
    2. Personalizing & distressing denim
    3. Seam finishes & topstitching jeans
    4. Jeans fitting & pattern adjustments
    5. Prepping and cutting denim
    6. Front pocket assembly
    7. Installing a fly front zipper
    8. Assembling the back
    9. Sewing the side seams
    10. Sewing the waistband
    11. Back pocket placement
    12. Sewing belt loops & hems
    13. Installing rivets & buttons
    14. BONUS: Inserting ankle zippers
    15. BONUS Making Flared Jeans
    16. BONUS: Printable Cutting List

    Details: PDF ebook available immediately upon download

    Pages: 92 pages, 220 full colour images

    Size): 19MB