Tailoring Supplies Kit
Tailoring Supplies Kit

To accompany our Jasika Blazer pattern, we have created an exclusive tailoring kit that includes all the unique interfacing and supplies needed to make a gorgeous, speed tailored jacket or blazer! Save time gathering your supplies and get everything you need in one place (fabric not included).

We have sourced the highest quality materials for this kit. Our fusible interfacings are milled in Italy and specifically designed for tailoring applications, while our sleeveheads and shoulder pads are manufactured in Montreal, Canada. Choose between black or white for your kit; black works for most applications but white is suggested if you are working with light coloured, thin fabrics like linen.

Please note: Our interfacings do not need to be pre-treated; pre-treating them may affect the quality of the adhesive.

Included in the kit:

  • Fusible weft interfacing - 1.4m / 1.5 yds (available in black or white)
  • Fusible knit interfacing - .9m / 1 yd (available in black or white)
  • Horsehair canvas - 20" x 12"
  • One pair of sleeveheads (available in black or white)
  • One pair of industry quality shoulder pads - 3/8" thick (light grey)
  • Cotton stay tape - 2.5 yds

Customer Reviews

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Love this Tailoring Supplies Kit!!!

This tailoring supplies kit had everything I needed to make my Jasika Blazer. All of the supplies were of excellent quality. I am fortunate enough to have access to the fabric district in NYC but I nevertheless ordered the supplies kit because I just don't have the time to shop for the supplies. The supplies were of the same or higher quality than what I could find in NYC. It was a great convenience and time saver for me to have everything I needed in this kit. I highly recommend it for not only the Jasika Blazer but for any blazer for which you are using speed tailoring techniques.

Jamika Pattern & kit & Ginger jeans pattern

Arrive in a timely manner to NZ but haven't had the chance to make, as I sold my business then went on holiday for 2weeks to a topical island, and just getting back into my sewing room this week . Just finished cutting out my first pair of ginger jeans yesterday


I bought the tailoring supply kit for my Jasika Blazer. It included everything I needed and all of great quality. I highly recommend it.


The products are all high quality. It’s so convenient to have everything I need for the pattern without having to research and source my own products!

Perfect convenience

Having this kit was a lifesaver! It made navigating the world of speed tailoring a no brainer. One of the most daunting tasks for a brand new project with lots of new skills is trying to source and collect all the specialty supplies. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you're buying the right thing, if the weight of the interfacing is going to work... etc. but having the perfect kit with all the supplies handy takes all the guesswork out.

The cuts of interfacing were very generous and I had more than enough for my project. The quality of each item in this kit was top notch and I feel like it really leveled up my garment.

High quality tailoring supplies

I bought the tailoring kit for my Jazika blazer.
It gave me everything interfacing-wise I needed in a very high quality.
Definitively would purchase it again!